Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day Five: A trip to Beihai

Wednesday in Nanning was our opportunity to visit Laila's orphanage and the place she was placed by her Mama to be found.

We took the speed train to her town, a beach town in Guangxi province known as Beihai.

We took a trip to Walmart to buy supplies for the orphanage.  We were also very happy to give them all the supplies you guys sent! The asst director said the kids LOVE the gummy vitamins. :)

We weren't allowed to go into the orphanage but the asst director walked us around the grounds and we were able to talk about how our girl was in the orphanage vs what she had been like since we got her. It was very insightful
And we were glad we had the opportunity to visit.

We also got a chance to say goodbye to one of her nannies. She was very nervous and unsure but posed for a picture.

Next we went to see where she was left to be found.  It was a beautiful place & we are so glad we have that history for her one day when she's older.

It was a long & tiring day!  We are so blessed to have this little one with us!! We were told she was the only child with thal in her orphanage so we were very glad God put me in just the right place to bring her home as our daughter where she will get all the medical care she needs.

Night night from Guangxi!!
Fannie, Matt, & Laila

Day four: Adoption day!!

Well Tuesday we were told to be ready at 9:30 to go finalize Laila's adoption.

After a night with very little sleep for Mommy due to a little one who wanted to be rocked every time she woke up and then took up my half of the full size bed leaving me with approx 6 inches to sleep on... Well let's just say mama didn't sleep much & was wishing adoption proceedings were later that day! Haha!!

We headed down to breakfast and our girl continued to show her appetite.  Eggs, watermelon, cantaloupe, cake, rice, noodles, you-name-it, she liked it all!!  She became so happy she was once again dancing around in her seat!

We finalized her adoption, promising to never abuse or abandon her.  Then ran to Chinese Walmart for some supplies.  Yes, it is real Walmart company, but the store was a bit different. ;)

Once we arrived back we decided to take another trip to Cozy Coffee, and determined that she was pretty easy to handle so far! She tried her first chicken Nuggets which were very reminiscent of McDonalds. 

Before we knew it, our day was over and it was time to put our girl in a bath & ready for bed.  The stacking cups were such a hit that she was happy to sit in the bath if it meant she could play with them.

First bubble bath down & time for bed for Laila Jean Yuewan Wilks!!
:) thanks for stopping by!
Fannie, Matt, & Laila


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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day Three: Laila Day!!

We arrived in Nanning after another flight delay- this one was over 2 hours and got into our hotel just in time to go to bed.

So Monday morning before heading to the Civil Affairs office to get Laila, Matt & I decided to go get a little “area fam” as we call it.  We found the important things- toys/baby supply store & a great coffee shop.  We grabbed a couple things that Laila might be into, spent an hr or so of relaxing at the coffee shop, then headed back to get things ready to pick up Laila.

We headed over to the office where we would get her, and to be honest, we were a little more nervous than last year without Katelynn there to just be a kid.  Kids are always less threatening than grown ups! Haha!  Either way, it was time, so we went into the office, filled out paperwork, and waited for Laila to arrive.

This week only 3 families were picking up their children.  Not sure if this is just due to the National Holiday in China and lack of consulate appts or not…