Monday, July 18, 2016

Authentications Roadtrip!

Today was authentication day!  For a China adoption, the papers that make up your 'dossier' all have to be notarized, then the notary has to be authenticated.  For Alabama, you have to authenticate the notary at the county level, then at the Alabama Sec of State office, and then you have to receive a final authentication at the Chinese Consulate in Houston.

Today I took our documents to the county office for authentication...

Then we headed off on a road trip to Montgomery- me and the munchkins!!

Considering how many road trips these kids have endured recently, they were all so well-behaved!  Seems that even Laila is finally getting the hang of road trips!! :)

We even made a stop or two for history lessons.  Given all the events of the last few weeks in America, I thought it was important to talk to the kids about the historical events that occurred in Montgomery.  We talked about the slave depots, segregation, Rosa Parks & the civil rights movement.  Sadly, we also talked about the things that have happened recently and how important it is for all of us to love as Jesus loves.  To love God and love our neighbor as ourselves.

Then we headed back with a stop for ice cream to celebrate one more step closer to Hongjie!!

Tomorrow we'll send these on to the consulate! And hopefully there's a fingerprint notice waiting in the mailbox from immigration in the next day or two!

What a fun and productive day!! :)

We're coming Hongjie!!! We love you!!!