Sunday, January 26, 2014

Giving Thanks & Celebrating Jesus

Oh boy am I behind!!  Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years have gone by without a single blog post!!  That's because we've been BUSY!!  So I'll back up to Christmas with some pictures.

 Can you already tell we had fun???  Yep, Kate & Chengbin were beyond excited to decorate the Christmas tree and help with the front yard Christmas lights!

(Yes, he's holding his shirt weird, but its the only pic with all of us in it!! haha)

We decided not to go anywhere for Christmas.  We kept it low key. 
No Elf on a Shelf. 
No family visit to Santa. 
Just the Wilks family watching Christmas movies and enjoying the holiday at Casa De Wilks.  :)  It was great!!  We even tried to keep the presents to a smaller amount than we have with Katelynn, knowing that this is one of the things that Chengbin will get overwhelmed on.
We spoke to the kids a lot about Jesus birthday and Kate did a great job helping Chengbin understand that the presents are because of Jesus' birthday. :)  (My girl is a great big sissy!)

Christmas morning arrived, and just as Matt & I had suspected.  Chengbin was ready to stop and play with the first thing he pulled from his stocking!!


Chengbin honestly went back and forth throughout the presents between being really happy & not understanding why he couldn't just play.  Sissy kept happily cheering him on, "Chengbin, why don't we open another present??... It's ok buddy, we will play with them all once they are open!... Chengbin, do you want to open one or do you want Sissy to?" LOL

After a few presents were opened, and right after Matt & I were beginning to think that we might need to take a break and do more presents later, Chengbin had a break through!! LOL

The kids spent all day playing with their toys, singing "Frozen" songs on Kate's new karaoke machine, and sailing Chengbin's Jake & the Neverland Pirates Ship through the house!

Kate's favorite toy?  Her Karaoke Machine with Frozen Songs
Chengbin's favorite toy?  Kate's Karaoke Machine with Frozen Songs (but his race car track took first place once we had batteries for it! haha)

We are so grateful for the many, many blessings God has chosen to give our family.  It was such a joy to see Christmas through our son's eyes.  No longer an orphan, but a beloved son and brother.  Oh we are SO blessed!!

Thanks for stopping by,
Fannie, Matt, Katelynn, & Chengbin