Wednesday, April 22, 2015

6 months home! WAIT- Make that 7 or 8??

So I was SO GOOD and got that girl out there on the exact day that she hit 6 months of forever...
And getting her to take a picture was a challenge.

Toddlers are so easily distracted...

And don't follow directions very well...

But we still nailed it!!!  And then Mama didn't even put them up on the blog... It's not like three kids is that busy right??

So here's my sweet girl, who just turned FOUR, and has now been our daughter Almost EIGHT months!!!
She is a joy
and a challenge.
She is very funny, talkative,
and rotten to the core!

She loves her siblings
And going places with Mommy.
She often calls me 'Mom'
Like her big brother & sister
which makes me laugh!
She's still teeny, tiny and 
I have to buy size 18 mo shorts
cause anything larger falls
off her.
She hates wearing dresses 
but has compromised to
a dress every other day 
schedule. 😜

She has rocked our world!!  We love her so much!!

Happy Almost 8 months Laila!!!

We love you more and more every day!!