Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day Three: Laila Day!!

We arrived in Nanning after another flight delay- this one was over 2 hours and got into our hotel just in time to go to bed.

So Monday morning before heading to the Civil Affairs office to get Laila, Matt & I decided to go get a little “area fam” as we call it.  We found the important things- toys/baby supply store & a great coffee shop.  We grabbed a couple things that Laila might be into, spent an hr or so of relaxing at the coffee shop, then headed back to get things ready to pick up Laila.

We headed over to the office where we would get her, and to be honest, we were a little more nervous than last year without Katelynn there to just be a kid.  Kids are always less threatening than grown ups! Haha!  Either way, it was time, so we went into the office, filled out paperwork, and waited for Laila to arrive.

This week only 3 families were picking up their children.  Not sure if this is just due to the National Holiday in China and lack of consulate appts or not…