Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our last Macy's Parade!

Our final Thanksgiving in NYC was wonderful!  We had family come visit, cooked tons of food, and stayed so much busier than usual for a Thanksgiving... I'm actually pretty tired after all the fun and excitement!  I'm also so incredibly thankful for so many new blessings and so excited for the future.  It's so crazy to think that after all these years in NYC we will be somewhere completely different next Thanksgiving.  Even better, we could just have that little mei mei with us by then!! :)

Ready for our last Macy's Parade!  Enjoying our Meemaw's first Macy's Parade from her room!

Let the Macy's Parade begin!  Why "Hello Kitty"!!!

Looking up Central Park West for a preview of balloons to come!

We were on the 8th floor & Po was all the way up there!

Doing some family viewing from the street outside the hotel. :)

Buzzzzzzz Lightyear!!!

Katie & Daddy checking out the floats & balloons!

Me & Katie doing some waterfront sight seeing with family the next day!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let the homestudy begin!!

This week we officially decided to do our homestudy in New York and submitted our application. We received our packet of paperwork yesterday and I dove in! All the forms are filled out awaiting hubby signature. My autobiography is complete. Our very long childcare plan is complete. All of my adoption training courses required for the homestudy are complete. Progress? Absolutely! Now if only my husband had 12 hr night watches during a cold fall in NYC we'd ha e his paperwork and training completed quickly too!! Oh well, we'll slowly but surely get his all knocked out before the New Year!

In addition to adoption paperwork I am about to begin a week off work and boy do I have some projects planned! Holiday decorating, clearing out storage, & lots of fun filled family time... Before I become fully engrossed in the holiday season, here's a few favorite iPhone pics from Fall 2012. :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Pictures

A few weeks ago, before Hurricane Sandy came to NYC, I did some practice shots with Kate in preparation for fall photos I had planned to take in a beautiful park the coming weekend...

Then Sandy came... She blew all the beautiful leaves off the trees, tore down trees in the park, and made a general mess of things!

So, the shots I thought were for practice are now our official fall photos!!

They're not as perfect or picturesque as I would've liked.  However, they are real life!!  Since Sandy came, our Coast Guard family has been incredibly busy with clean up around the port and we've been clearing the house of clothes that are too small and could be used by one of the MANY families around here who lost their homes.
In the end, we are lucky.  The waves came over the sea wall, crossed the Belt Parkway and edged closer and closer to our house... but then, they began to recede.  We never even lost power! So with that, we are very lucky!  If you have the ability to give a few dollars to the Red Cross, please do.  So many people have lost their homes here and every little bit helps.
God Bless,
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