Saturday, March 28, 2015

The best things come in twos

No- this is definitely not an announcement of another adoption!!!

But last month we celebrated TWO Birthdays, and it also happened to be their first birthday parties since coming home from China.

They were both unbelievably excited to have a birthday party! And a bounce house.  And presents.  And a cake!! Their smiles said it all...

We invited Chengbin's class which worked great.  The girls sat at Laila's table & the boys sat at Chengbin's table.

This is of Laila telling Chengbin 'no!' when he wanted to check out her new girl color Lego set from her grandparents!! Haha!

Even Laila had a sweet friend who can to the party for her! ;) She had been sick for days but powered through the party.  This was toward the end and she was posing in between coughs! 

Yep- our China babies had a blast celebrating their birthdays together! We are all so blessed!!

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The Crazy Wilks Crew