Thursday, May 30, 2013


I wondered about it all weekend!!  I kept thinking SURELY I'll get it on Tuesday!!  So Tuesday came and I checked my phone about 20 times throughout the day and NOTHING...  Right as I had given up hope, my agency called my work phone with the good news.  They received our Letter Seeking Confirmation from China!! :)  32 days from LID w/medical expedite!  Awesome!!!

Our I-800 was already sent to the USCIS lockbox & yesterday I received notice that it has been sent to the NBC (National benefits center) for approval by our caseworker. Hopefully with our medical expedite we will see approval sometime next week.  It would be AMAZING if it could get through NBC & NVC (National visa center) and cabled to the US Consulate all next week!!  It seems nearly impossible, but I serve a God that can make impossible POSSIBLE!! :)

Once it gets to the US Consulate in Guangzhou, China they will review everything, which usually take 10 full business days (another process we hope can be shortened with our medical expedite request).  If they expedite it, it could just take two or three days... Whenever they review our file they will then issue Article 5 which gets picked up by our agency and delivered to CCCWA (china children's welfare).

Then the last paperwork step, CCCWA will process our invitation to travel!  This usually takes 2-3 weeks to have in hand, but when we get it, we can then make plans to go get our boy!  WAHOO!!!

SO how much longer are we waiting?  As you can see, it will vary a bit.  Our hope is that we can receive our travel approval from China by early July and travel in late July to bring our boy HOME!!

Not only are we praying this moves fast for Ben's medical needs, we are also praying it moves fast because of our move to Alabama.  We are supposed to report into our unit in August and we really need to travel before that!!  If we have to move and haven't travelled yet we have to repeat some of these steps after getting a whole new homestudy.  This could delay us up to 4 months in going to get him!!!

Please say a quick prayer, that we will receive our approval quickly to go get Ben!! 

I think I'll send him a care package and note now!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!
Fannie, Matt, & Katie


  1. so happy for you!!! I'll be praying for quick quick quick turn arounds!!!

  2. Congrats ! Praying for a quick approval and all goes according to plan !!! So exciting !!