Friday, July 25, 2014

39 Days

Because our sweet girl is being assisted by Love Without Boundaries, some dear friends who donated to pay for her transfusions receive updates and sent them to me!

I was very excited to get these updated pictures on Sunday! :)

How precious is this girl??

And for 39 days we have been waiting for the next step of our adoption to come through.  We are waiting on our Letting Seeking Confirmation from China (usually referred to as LOA).

And to say we are ready to go get her already would be an absolute understatement!!!

She looks like the transfusions are helping and this particular pic has made me smile for a week straight!! 
And in fundraising news- we have already hit the $500 mark on our Lifesong account.  We have $2000 more to raise to get the full $2500 matching grant. :)
God is faithful!!  I had NO idea how he was going to move mountains for this sweet one like he has.
Say a prayer for LOA and for continued health for our girl while she waits.
Thanks for stopping by!
Fannie, Matt, Kate, Chengbin, & Laila

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