Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Weeks With Laila

Hard to believe, but it's been over 5 weeks since sweet little Yuewan (pronounced you-a wan?)  was grabbed up by this mama.  She was a teary eyed, scared and traumatized baby girl.

With each week she has gotten a little more comfortable & attached.

First to Daddy. Then to Mommy too. Then to big sissy.  And then also to Chengbin.

In fact, we've decided that Katie might be a baby whisperer.  Laila can be in a screaming bloody tantrum and Kate can put her hands on the side of her face and she calms & quietens instantly. Perhaps Kate's dream of having a daycare like Miss Crystal will become a reality one day. ;)

So I thought I'd take a few minutes to tell ya a little bit about this kiddo...

She has changed A LOT from the personality the orphanage director described...

The director said that she would always over eat and get a stomachache. Not now!  This girl is quick to tell us 'no, no, no' when she is finished and gives us her little shaking hand gesture too! :)  While she was still receiving many bottles of formula a day in the orphanage and a bowl of congee- this little one will eat almost any solid food that is placed in front of her!!  Though she's not a fan of anything with tomato.  She'll eat her weight in watermelon though!!

The director also told us that she wasn't very happy and was usually quiet.  She said all the Nannies joked that the only way to get Yuewan to come to them was to bribe her with candy.  (I admit, we did witness that in a video from the orphanage!)  Aside from during her grieving process, we have found her personality to be VERY different than described!  This girl is an adorable little crazy kid! She smiles & laughs all the time.  Even at our church she is finding her place and running all around, chasing her brother & sister through the crowd of people! She is only quiet in front of strangers for about 5 minutes before her goofy personality begins to shine through!!

We've learned a lot about this kiddo in the first 5 weeks.
And she has been learning just as much about us, her forever family.

We are so unbelievably blessed to have her!!

Oh, and did I mention that she is sleeping in her OWN bed?? 
Yeah, after four days home, she started clearing toys off of it to sleep in her room with big sissy and she hasn't looked back!  I think she loves feeling like she's a big girl too!

There's gotta be hard times going on right now too, right?? Well, yeah, you would expect there to be!  But so far, there really isn't.  China was hard.  Being at home?? Well, I don't know if we just feel experienced and roll with the tantrums and such, but it doesn't feel that hard right now.  Really, the hardest part is just juggling three kids and it really begins next week when we both return to work.  We'll see how we feel come next Friday!! ;)

Thanks for stopping by!
Fannie, Matt, Katie, Chengbin, & Laila

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