Friday, December 19, 2014

All done!

Well, her surgery is complete and our surgeon placed her port in a 'girl friendly' location- which was important to us.  Thank God for a surgeon willing to hear me out and go the extra mile for our girl!

BUT... I would be lying if I said that this port isn't still shocking to see.  She is a tiny little thing and it sticks out and looks huge.  And while this was necessary and very well thought and prayed out, it is still very shocking to us how big the port looks.  Please friends pray for healthy healing and minimal scarring for our girl.

So grateful that God gave us this sweet blessing to love and care for!!

Fannie & Matt 

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  1. Kate's looked enormous when she first had it put in. I sobbed when I saw it. Remember a lot of what you are seeing is swelling. Once she gets a little bigger, you will hardly notice it. What a brave little princess you have there. She is just adorable!