Friday, August 5, 2016

My little buddies are MATCHED!!!!

Happy dance here!!!! My two little buddies I met in China in April have families going for them!!!

This is what makes advocacy worth it!!!!

My sweet Buddha buddy Lars now has a family coming for him.  They got their approval very recently and are moving forward on the loads of paperwork it takes to bring home a sweetie!!

How precious is he??!!!! Oh they are gonna be BLESSED by him!!

And Logan, my other sweet buddy is also matched!! Not only is he matched but his family is very far in the process and will be bringing him home super soon!!!

I'm so excited and happy for these sweet boys!!! These families are so very lucky to be matched with these precious boys!

And here's a secret some of you might not know... MANY boys wait!!! So many agencies have files of boys age 5 and under with minor or repaired needs who need families and have no families waiting who are open to adopting a boy.  Let's change that!! Let's have families waiting for the boys instead of boys waiting for families!

Ask me about it! :)

Congrats to the families of my sweet buddies!!!! 

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  1. Oh you know the boys have stolen my heart. So many of them. They all deserve a family but you know as well as I do that there are so many more boys there are than girls that wait. I'm excited for your new son and all that are coming Home after waiting far too long. Thank you for the good work you do Fannie. You are His hands, and His children are all the better for it!