Saturday, October 29, 2016

Progress, Provision, & Care Packages

Progress!!!! 3 weeks ago we found out that there was an issue... when China processed our letter of intent to adopt Little Miss, they logged her approval as a dossier reuse instead of putting the approval with the dossier we'd just sent in Sept.  Our agency tried and tried to get them to accept the paperwork that was there for it, but ultimately China wanted a second application letter from us.  So we printed it, signed it, notarized it, authenticated it at the county, state, and Chinese consulate, & finally our agency sent it to China.  We knew we would be held up until they received it but hoped things would move fast once they got it.  So far, so good!! They got it on Thursday and Friday they changed our status to 'matched' for our wingman.  What this means is that we will hopefully get our official approval to adopt the kids in the next week or so!!!!!

Provision!!! Touch the Sky has been working on an amazing fundraiser for the kiddos orphanage fees.  So far it has raised over $1000 & if the full blocks fill it will raise almost one full orphanage donation!!! Yesterday we received our first approval letter for a grant!  Forever Families has generously gave us a $1000 grant!!!  We still have a ways to go in being fully funded but we know that it is all in God's timing and in accordance with his plan.

Care packages!!!  We sent a care package to Little Miss with some friends from Gladney adoption agency.  They are the agency I traveled with in April when I met her.  She officially knows we are coming for her!!! :)

I love that Rocky sat down with her and explained each of the pictures to her!!!  We included pictures of all of us, of our wingman, our house, our playground, our dogs, our kitties...

He gave her the special necklace we sent so she'll have her family's picture wherever she goes!

And he passed her the kitty cat that Laila picked out for her just days before!!  She had her kitty and that kitty sleep together for a few nights before she sent it on to China. ;)

We have a care package ready to send to the Wingman too!  His orphanage does not accept outside care packages, but we are thankful that two agencies are doing advocacy camps with his orphanage making it possible for him to receive one and know that we are coming for him!!! 

It's getting close to travel!!!  We are hoping and praying the next few steps are completed quickly and we can travel to China at the end of November or first week of December.  We are SO excited to get these babies home where they belong!!!  Can't wait for them to become Wilks kids!!!

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