Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our last Macy's Parade!

Our final Thanksgiving in NYC was wonderful!  We had family come visit, cooked tons of food, and stayed so much busier than usual for a Thanksgiving... I'm actually pretty tired after all the fun and excitement!  I'm also so incredibly thankful for so many new blessings and so excited for the future.  It's so crazy to think that after all these years in NYC we will be somewhere completely different next Thanksgiving.  Even better, we could just have that little mei mei with us by then!! :)

Ready for our last Macy's Parade!  Enjoying our Meemaw's first Macy's Parade from her room!

Let the Macy's Parade begin!  Why "Hello Kitty"!!!

Looking up Central Park West for a preview of balloons to come!

We were on the 8th floor & Po was all the way up there!

Doing some family viewing from the street outside the hotel. :)

Buzzzzzzz Lightyear!!!

Katie & Daddy checking out the floats & balloons!

Me & Katie doing some waterfront sight seeing with family the next day!

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  1. I am so jealous ! What a view, I would love to be that close to the best parade ever!!! That is so cool. It looks like so much fun.