Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Pictures

A few weeks ago, before Hurricane Sandy came to NYC, I did some practice shots with Kate in preparation for fall photos I had planned to take in a beautiful park the coming weekend...

Then Sandy came... She blew all the beautiful leaves off the trees, tore down trees in the park, and made a general mess of things!

So, the shots I thought were for practice are now our official fall photos!!

They're not as perfect or picturesque as I would've liked.  However, they are real life!!  Since Sandy came, our Coast Guard family has been incredibly busy with clean up around the port and we've been clearing the house of clothes that are too small and could be used by one of the MANY families around here who lost their homes.
In the end, we are lucky.  The waves came over the sea wall, crossed the Belt Parkway and edged closer and closer to our house... but then, they began to recede.  We never even lost power! So with that, we are very lucky!  If you have the ability to give a few dollars to the Red Cross, please do.  So many people have lost their homes here and every little bit helps.
God Bless,
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  1. Hi Fannie! Thank you for commenting on my blog! Flyboy and I are currently living in Misawa, Japan which is about 8 hours north of Yokota. The adoption process in Japan is somewhat similar to that of the United States, so the length of the process can vary greatly. Instead of being in a queue and then being matched when it is your turn a family is selected that can best meet the needs of the child. Does that make sense? We were told that since we are living in Japan we need to remain here for at least three years to even be eligible for the program. I am not sure how that works if you reside elsewhere. In terms of your home study you may wish to wait until you move to your new location as you will have to pay to update the home study to reflect your new living arrangements. However, if you don't mind spending extra money it is always a good idea to get your dossier sent in sooner rather than later, but that's just my two cents. I hope this answers all your questions! Also, thank you for following my blog, I will follow yours in return! :-)

  2. Oh...she's adorable!! What great pictures of her.

    Hope your day is blessed!