Wednesday, August 21, 2013

3 Weeks!!

Our sweet boy has been with us for three weeks, which means I am about 2 1/2 weeks behind on updates!!  I'll get it caught up, this is how I am documenting his adoption.  One day I will convert this blog to a book for him.  Since I'm SO far behind, I decided to give an update on the here and now before I start working on all the remaining posts I need to do from China.

So, three weeks has made a world of difference in his attachment and adjustment.  Since getting home from China, our family has made the move to Alabama.  Unfortunately, our house wasn't ready when we got here (it was supposed to have been ready 3 weeks ago) so we are staying in an extended stay 1 bedroom hotel room while we wait to move into the house. It's been a crazy week for Chengbin since on Monday we are somewhat back to what will be the everyday routine.  Sissy is at school.  Matt is at work.  Chengbin and I are going to doctors & hematologists & preschools & dealing with house issues & visiting his favorite Thomas the Train set up at Barnes & Noble.

Chengbin had his first transfusion in the US as soon as we got home, August 8th.  After testing yesterday, we found out that less than 2 weeks later, he is already due for another one.  Its hard to know if this is because he has been sick or if it is his normal cycle.  Only time will tell!  We're just so glad that he is home and can receive proper medical intervention.  :)

THREE WEEKS!  Can't believe it!  So glad our sweet boy is home.  He is perfect for us and we love him so much!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Fannie, Matt, Katie, & Chengbin


  1. I cannot even imagine moving as I was getting back from China...whew!!! Praying for you all and hope that house is ready soon!!!

  2. I hope the house gets back on track and is ready for you all soon! The kids are too cute and congrats.

  3. Yay! Glad things are doing well and hoping jet lag is gone! LOVED the photos of your new house today! Beautiful! Blessings and love!