Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Donuts & Trains


After a very, VERY long Friday transfusion day.  We decided to venture out for a Saturday morning donut breakfast.  Since we are finally living in an area with Krispy Kreme, we thought 'nothing but the best' for our boy's first donut!

On the way we noticed a train in a park we knew we'd stop at on the way back.

Krispy Kreme was a hit w the little guy! He loved watching the donuts on the conveyor belt as they were fried & iced.  He couldn't wait to try one! We all had one, fresh & hot. :)

Then we decided to go check out the train... We got there right as a little train that gives rides around the park pulled up!! Chengbin was incredibly excited and hopped on for his ride! It's such an amazing thing to see this precious little boy experience things that are so exciting to him.  He loves trains and we love watching him light up as he finally has an opportunity to explore some of the things he loves.

"Driving" the red train!

He loved the little train that went around the park!  I LOVE smiles like this!! They melt this mommy's heart!!

And some iphone pics of our day!! ;)

What a great weekend!!  We're looking forward to next weekend even more!  Can't wait to share where we're going next!! ;)
Thanks for stopping by,
Fannie, Matt, Katie, & Chengbin

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