Wednesday, September 18, 2013

First trip to the dentist

The first month home you find yourself in triage mode.  There's only so many doctor appointments a 5 year old child is going to sit through! (Especially when so many involve needles.)  So in our first month home we focused on Chengbin's immunizations & thalassemia treatment...

Now we are in the 2nd month & while there is a lull before we go to the thalassemia clinic for tests next month, I thought it was a great time to tackle the dental side!  Believe me when I tell you, he has extreme dental needs.  Damage on his upper front teeth. Chipped teeth.  4 molars with serious cavities.  My kiddo pretty much lives life w a toothache! 

So off to the pediatric dentist we went!  It was a new dentist office for us, since we recently moved.  I had NO idea what to expect and was SHOCKED when I walked in the door to this amazingly themed space!!  It looked like Disney had designed a finding nemo area, it was just so well themed.  Needless to say, it helped Chengbin!  He explored the waiting room, played games, & was a happy kid waiting to see the dentist.


Then the time came to go back and check out those teeth!  He did GREAT!!  He took his x-rays, let them see his teeth, and to my utter shock and amazement, even let them clean his teeth!  (Guess that Crest Spinbrush helped prepare him!)

So the not-surprising verdict is he needs his teeth repaired under general anesthesia at a hospital.  There's just TOO MUCH work to do in the dentist office expecting cooperation from him.  With that news comes a whole new set of issues!!  Trying to set up a dentist in one state and deal with hematologist in another state is pretty much impossible, so we're coming up with a plan.  Hopefully we'll get it all worked out and he will have his teeth repaired in the next couple months.
Can't wait to see his beautiful smile with no more toothaches!
Thanks for stopping by,
Fannie, Matt, Katie, & Chengbin


  1. It's great to hear that Chengbin has been so cooperative throughout the whole process! But the news about a more major operation on his teeth spells concerns indeed. Well, with your dedication for his dental health, I'm sure you'll be able to put things together and finally have your son's teeth repaired soon!
    Dr. Steven Cadee at Mullaloo Dental Center

  2. It's great to see parents who take immediate care of their child, especially when it comes to immunizations and dental care. With the amount of problems you've said about Chengbin's teeth, taking him to a pediatric dentist may be taxing to him with all the doctor appointments, but it's nice to see him enjoying his time all throughout. More power to you guys and especially to Chengbin!

    Jamie DeFinnis @

  3. Wow what an issue. Having to take a child to a hospital to repair cavities. I get nervous even when I do not have any cavities. It was great that the environment was friendly and your son somewhat enjoyed it the dental visit. When it is all over, I would encourage you to ask about fluoride treatment for his teeth to prevent cavities in the future.