Friday, November 29, 2013

Four months already??


I knew we were coming up on four months w Chengbin but I honestly didn't realize it was today until a friend mentioned her daughter's day on Facebook! It is amazing how I can't believe it's been four months with Chengbin but it also feels like he's been with us for much longer than that.

He's doing really well! His teacher is amazed at his English language progression.  He's even taken to correcting how Katie says certain words over the last week.  Apparently he is considering himself an expert! Lol!  

We had a fantastic transfusion two weeks ago, where his hemoglobin number stayed at a healthy level before the transfusion and accessing his port is becoming more normal to him on transfusion day saving us many extra hours at the hematologist office.  We were out by 2:45 last time which is our earliest yet!

Since he's already gone through quite a few firsts, I've decided to tell a few
Cute & not so cute stories about the little guy through pictures.

He LOVES his rain boots! He wears them to school on an un-rainy day a couple times a week!

He throws a fit about being forced down for a nap, but readily naps in the car, on the couch (often w a toy in his hand) or at disneyworld!

He takes his medicine like a boss!!  Even if he is in the middle of a world record level tantrum he will stop & take his medicine like a good boy! I am one grateful mama for this!!

He has a transfusion & fellow adoptee pal named Kate that I hope he will be friends with forever!

 At Disneyworld...
 During a haircut...
 Even at the waterpark...

He can throw a world class tantrum like you wouldn't believe over absolutely nothing, but he's the bravest boy in the world during all the difficult medical stuff. ;)

Growing up in the orphanage made him a little less coordinated than other 5 yr olds, and he often has the bumps & bruises to prove it.  The bump on his head was from jumping the wrong way on a jumper obstacle course which sent him head first into the ground!! He cried for two minutes & then begged to 'go back play'!! 

And lastly- he is a great little boy! He is sweet and loving! He is happy!! And we are happy he has had four months with us!!!

Oh yeah, and he's decided he likes that American name we were planning to call him... So now it's Chengbin, Chengbin Ben, or Ben. :)

Thanks for stopping by,
Fannie, Matt, Katie, & Chengbin "Ben"


  1. I hope they are friends forever too! Wow! It feels like so much longer! he is adjusting beautifully!!!

  2. An adorable cutie!!! Amazing he has been home 4 months! LOVE all the photos!!! And adore Kate!!! XO