Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oh tooth fairy!!!

I think as parents we all are excited to see our kiddos lose that first tooth!! They're usually 5 or 6 or 7 and they wiggle that little tooth for weeks and then finally get the courage to yank it out! They get that first big toothless smile and we take the requisite photo to show friends and family then watch them anxiously put their tooth under the pillow as they question whether they could stay awake long enough to see her, the tooth fairy that they've heard all about!.. These are the firsts of childhood.  Rights of passage.  We cherish each one because they just grow up way too fast!!

Well, unfortunately for our sweet boy, this is not his story... He had a sick tooth, a molar, that has had two infections in six weeks.  I had really hoped that a miracle would occur when they X-rayed it and it would be saved.


Unfortunately, that was NOT the case... Two infections in a month meant that there wasn't enough time to do stronger antibiotics, it was time to lose the tooth...

So he lost his first tooth- a baby molar!! It's kind of a freaky looking tooth to put under the pillow for the tooth fairy huh???

NOT the picture I had in my head of losing a first tooth, but that's adoption for ya!!!  Luckily for Chengbin, the tooth fairy was happy to give him some money for that tooth anyway. She left it behind & Kate thinks it'd be a great thing for a dentist to use to teach kids about sugar bugs! :)

Yep, another first!!  Finally blogged about a few months late. ;)

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Fannie, Matt, Kate, & Chengbin 

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