Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Little More Info About Our Fundraising (& a hint)

We have four fundraisers planned to raise money for the adoption- particularly the orphanage donation.  The orphanage donation is $5900 at present time, but varies based on the exchange rate. 

We have prayed about fundraising.  Whether we should do it... How we would do it... We were hesitant to do this, but to be blunt, bringing home this little one needs to happen fast.  And after bringing home Chengbin, our savings is tapped out.  We didn't expect to do this so quickly, and we definitely did not expect to be bringing home a child who is so sick that she needs to come home ASAP or bad things will happen.  So here's what we decided to do...

Raise money now and pay it forward later.

What does that mean?  It means that every penny we raise toward the adoption will be taken out of our adoption tax credit next year and be placed into a "pay it forward" account.  As God leads us, we will find other families who are faithfully answering God's call, hopefully 5-6 families in all, & donate $1000 toward their adoption.

So when you agree to help us bring home an orphan, you are in fact helping bring home 6-7 orphans!! :)

Now for the fundraisers...

As you know, we have a t-shirt fundraiser going on.  It is $20 for shirts & $30 for sweatshirts.  All sizes are available down to 12 mos.  You can mail us a check or pay via paypal for the shirts.  We will keep track of what we raise and let you all know how you are helping our sweetie.

(The bottom of our design will have China rather than Africa)
NOTE: We have another shirt design coming soon... It will read "My shirt helped an orphan.  What did your shirt do?"

We are also using my love of photography to help bring home our girl!  I am planning photo shoots for Oklahoma City, Alabama, Atlanta, & Florida for my friends/family who'd like to participate.  I will NOT be giving you a photo session fee.  I simply want you to ask God what he would have you give and that you give what he says.  The photos will be ordered from a professional printer and you will be responsible for the cost of the photos you'd like to order. :)  I have provided a quick snapshot of my work below.. :)



My friend Katie Hurst, has generously offered to host an Osborne Book Event where she will give our family 100% of her profits!

And lastly, we'd like to do a raffle for some great items!  These raffle items will begin once we have approval from an adoption grant organization for a matching grant.  This will also allow these donations to be tax deductible!! ;)  Also, if you have anything you'd like to donate for our raffle we will gratefully accept it!!

So that's the plan right now.  FOUR fundraisers and an amazing opportunity for us to pay it forward for more families!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Fannie, Matt, Katie, Chengbin, & "the new kid"

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  1. Great ideas! Love the pay it forward. We live near Atlanta and would love a photo shoot! When are you planning for? Also, you know I love those shirts. Do you have a link or should I just message you the sizes we want? Do you know the brand/style? Thanks, Alison