Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Beihai is a small beach town in Guangxi Province in southwestern China.
Yep, that's the final total for the shirt fundraiser...

We've sold 96 shirts/sweatshirts to raise money for Beihai Social Welfare Institute!!  I haven't had a chance to add up how much money that will be cause I still have to ship the shirts once they come in, but I think it's over $500 raised for the orphanage donation!!!

Thank you ALL who decided to buy a shirt and help an orphan like our sweet Laila!!!  You guys seriously rock!!!

We did purchase a few extra shirts, so when I get everything shipped out I'll post the leftover sizes & colors for anyone who never got a chance but would still like one.

THANK YOU for helping the children in this orphanage!!  And for those of you who requested to donate money rather than buying a shirt, we will have a website up soon that allows you to make a tax deductible donation.

Thanks for all your support,
Fannie, Matt, Katelynn, Chengbin, & Laila Jean

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  1. Hi Fannie, so glad I stopped by to check on your blog tonight to see how things were progressing with your adoption. So sorry about the immigration hold up. Hope you get good news Monday. Just realizing your Laila Jeanl is a Guangxi girl. So is Vivian! The picture you have on your blog reminds me of Vivian and how she looked on Gotcha day. She is from Beiliu. We enjoyed our time in Nanning and happy to answer any ?s if you have any. There is a FB group for Guangxi if you are interested. So excited to follow you as go BACK to China!!!!