Saturday, April 26, 2014

Good News & Downright Bad News

Which to share first...

We'll start with the good news!!  The good news is that Laila's belated birthday cake and first care package are enroute to her!!

In only a few days our daughter will see the very first pictures of her family and her house and her room!!!  She will also get her belated birthday cake, which took much longer for us to get to her than we thought it would!! ;)

Now for the downright bad news...

We sent our paperwork to immigration three weeks ago.  It was supposed to be the easy form.  Just an extension of our approval we already have that is valid until June.  The USCIS officer I spoke to said they will email our fingerprint notice right away, we'd get it in less than a week, could go fingerprint, & she's approve us since Miss Laila needs a medical expedite.

They sent it to our old address...

When I called Friday explaining how worried I am that we still haven't received it, the lady figured out it had been sent to our old address.  Even though the receipt letter from immigration was sent to our current mailing address.

I wanted to scream!  Don't they understand that this little girl's life is on the line, and every day they waste is a day she may or may not have to waste????  I asked the lady to email it and she said that she isn't allowed to.  I was polite, hung up, and then stewed...

So I called back to ask for a supervisor.  The officer that answered this time told me that they had all left for the day.  I explained how it had been mailed to the wrong address, how Laila NEEDS this to be fast, how Birmingham is willing to let us walk in for fingerprints as long as we have the fingerprint notice...  And she hesitated, but then stuck with that it isn't allowed to be emailed.  Then gave me the time the supervisor would be in on Monday and suggested I call and talk to them Monday since they might be able to make an exception.

Praying they say YES!!

Thanks for stopping by,
Fannie, Matt, Katie, Chengbin, & Laila Jean


  1. The Lord is telling you not to adopt this pumpkin! You're ignoring really clear signs at your own peril!!

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      Actually, he has made it VERY clear that she IS ours in so many ways. I love this little girl with all my heart! I invite you to read the rest of the story... When God has a special plan for a little one, don't you think the devil is at work too trying his hardest to undo that work? We will NOT be defeated, the father has an amazing plan for this little one and we will see it through!! You are welcome to stick around and see what God can do! :)

  2. I am definitely sticking around to see what God can do! What He has already done is incredible and it is just the beginning! He indeed has His mighty hand on your precious daughter and your family. You are following His calling, through the good news and the downright bad as well. He has opened the door and the enemy will indeed try to close it and put people in your path who will try to discourage you, but aren't you glad we believe what Revelation 3:7-8 tells us? I hope you get a bunch of sweet pictures of her with her cake and care package....don't you dare not share!

  3. Wow, I can't wait to watch your beautiful journey unfold as you follow what God has put in your heart! You are a strong momma that won't stop until your girl is home... Goodness, if we all took the mistakes of the USCIS as "signs" then NO ONE would be adopting kids internationally! Can't wait to see her pictures... So happy for you all:)

  4. Praying for you!! We are a LL family too and I will journey with you!! :)

  5. Bless you precious friend and YES God wants you to fight for her!!! Satan will do anything to stop this adoption including messing with your paperwork. It won't be the last thing either. Persevere and let God be the glory of this story! I can't wait to see her in your arms and I for one will be jumping for JOY!!! I want to say more about the comment above but I will just leave it alone and be nice. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!