Thursday, June 5, 2014

Favorite Photo Friday

Well, it's been a rough day or so as we learned that we are gonna have to fight harder to get our baby girl home! I could go on and on about this, but setbacks are part of adoption, so we are choosing to power through and pray for just the right person to get our dossier in their hands Monday morning in China.

We have been incredibly blessed to get updated photos of Laila from an awesome team that went to visit her orphanage last week.  

This ones my favorite!!

Why? Because it shows my sweet baby girl resting comfortably on someone's shoulder.  This may not seem like a big deal, but I can assure you that for an orphan this is a tremendous blessing!!  

And we were told that the orphanage had taken her for a transfusion that day which is another amazing blessing!!!

And in the interest of my continuing truth on the blog... Here's the picture that made me cry...

Yep, for two reasons! First of all, look at how beautiful she is!! I think she gets more and more beautiful everytime I see her! And second? Her poor arms and legs!!!

We also got updated measurements...
Our little girl weighs 10 kg & is 83cm tall.  (This means she's not on the growth scale for a 3 year old in either category) 

She's a tiny one and we are going to pray her all the way home!!

Thanks for stopping by,
Fannie, Matt, Kate, & Chengbin


  1. Have you considered that it's a sign you are not supposed to buy this muffin? That proceeding is so not the Lord's will? That buying lil humans, even Chinese ones, is WRONG?!?

    1. Susan -
      Let's remember shall we - if you don't have anything nice to say it's best not to say anything at all.
      It is so easy to sit there at your little computer and type such hateful and hurtful things without offering any solution to the world wide issue of child abandonment.
      These are good people doing good things , contributing to a better world and what do you choose to do? Say hurtful things - I have an idea - do something ! Do something productive and positive. Be part of the solution and stop being part of the problem. I just bet you'll have a different outlook on life . If not : reread the first line of my response again.

    2. "Buying" little humans? Is that what you really think all this is about???

  2. Susan you are so right. Let her die in an orphanage. Let's ignore the command to care for orphans in scripture because there are fees involved. And forget that YOU were BOUGHT with the blood of Christ. Or that YOU were ransomed from sin.
    Crawl back under your bridge.

  3. Oh precious baby! I cannot wait to see her in your arms. She deserves a chance at LIFE! Praying things are expedited quickly and she soon knows how it feels to have energy and feel healthy! Praying for her heart and for yours as you wait. I am reminding you that you are paying a RANSOM! you are not "buying" this precious little one. She is a child who deserves the love of a family. Thank you and God bless you for stepping out in obedience to HIS call!

  4. Oh my gush Fannie , I will be saying prayers for you and your family.