Saturday, May 16, 2015

It happened... We bought a van!!

For months now we've been discussing my current SUV's lack of space & functionality and debating whether we should jump into the deep end and buy a van....

But after the stress, general frustration, & ridiculousness of Matt's car hunt mere months ago, I was in no hurry for round two.

Still, with every trip to the grocery store, having to rearrange the seating- folding back down the 3rd row seats & squishing Katie between 2 car seats in the 2nd row it became more clear that this set up was exhausting.  Add a road trip where we had Kate in half a third row seat, suitcases wobbling in a stack next to her, & a double stroller on the roof and well... I had to admit this was getting ridiculous...

God & I had a chat... I told him that I could keep driving my car that was nearly paid off or if he saw fit to bless us with a van, I needed him to make it easy & stress free.

So I was sitting in the Kia dealer last weekend, getting some warranty work done on my sorrento, when I decided to look up the guaranteed price on the van I'd already test drove months ago, as I waited...  And then I took another look... And then I talked to the salesman... And then I asked what they'd give me for trade... (You know, just cause I was there anyway ;)

The price was CRAZY good...
The offer for my trade was 3k higher than I expected...
And when I decided to apply for a new loan w my bank to see how the rate was, it was the best rate I've ever had...

That does seem easy God.  So after consultation w the hubby & kids and a test drive- we decided to make it ours!!!

That's right! I drive a van... Wow!! And there's extra seats now... Hmmmm


And it turns out that the dealer made a mistake... A $2400 mistake that they decided to honor rather than going back on the price... Wow!!!  The GM didn't even tell us til we were signing the papers.  I had thought that price was CRAZY!! 

So blessed and still in shock that I drive a van!!! 😛

Looking forward to years of family time in it!!

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  1. Having 5 kids (3 of whom are in car seats) I wonder on weekends, as I schlep them in and out, how my wife does it on a daily basis. We desperately need a new car and your post was so inspiring that I think we will follow your lead and hope we have as successful a visit to the dealer!