Wednesday, June 3, 2015

So this is what big families do...

Two years ago I had a little family.  Just me, Matt, & Katie.  So to say life is different now that we've gone from one to three kids would be an understatement!! I've been looking for ways to increase my motherly productivity over the past few months which got me to considering something most moms of one or two kids would find beyond bizarre: scheduling all kids for appointments at the same time!!

So I called my dentist office and asked if they could schedule all three on the same day- even if that meant we would have to wait a month or two to get them in.  They agreed and set us up with an apt for all 3 at 11am.  Perfect! I could even try to fit it in during my lunch hour from work! (Yes- I tend to underestimate how long things will take and I'm definitely a glass half full kind of gal!)

So yesterday me and the three monkeys headed to Malbis Pediatric Dentistry for our appt!

My usually clingy child was absolutely at ease!  Dr. Jones has such an awesome practice and it was no surprise to me that she felt comfortable and happy!

 What did surprise me though, was that all three were happy and good!!  We had Kate in x-Ray while the other two had cleanings together.

Then once Laila & Chengbin were done- Laila went for x-Rays & Kate got her teeth cleaned.  Laila was awesome & sat still for everything! Chengbin tried his best and got most of his x-Rays done! 😉


Hooray for my first success as a mom of three at the dentist!!! Haha!! Maybe one of these days we'll be ready for #4!! 

Way to go Monkeys!! You guys rocked your first appt together!! So proud of you!!

So this is what big families do huh? We are gonna get this figured out yet!! 😎

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  1. Yep! That's how we get it done too! Just six at one time. haha :)