Saturday, February 13, 2016

This Chapter Ends, A New One Begins

Last year we decided that with a very low number of vacation days and a great need to spend quality bonding time with the kiddos, we would declare it the 'year of Disney'.  We purchased Annual Passes and planned to head down to Disney during our 3 day fed holiday weekends and for the kiddos' birthdays.  Since Disney is pretty close to us and we get great room discounts it was a great plan.  It's been a lot of fun too!!

Laila's first carousel ride- Feb 2015

Kate starting our summer off right- May 2015!

Family of Five- May 2015

My 3 Monkeys- May 2015

Even an impromptu trip to Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Pool cannonballs- August 2015

Little Laila becomes a princess- Feb 2016

Yep, we've had lots of fun making memories at Disney and bonding our family more and more.  As I look back at videos from last February I can see just how far we've come.  With all the stress of the last few years and the many, many medical appointments Laila & Chengbin have had to endure it's been helpful to always point ahead to our next trip as a reason to be brave, to take one more hard day at transfusion, to take that medicine again...

So as we drove away from Disney today, knowing our annual passes expire tomorrow, we closed out this Wilks Family Year of Disney and moved into our new chapter.  We walk into this one a little differently, focused on our family's future with kiddos that are securely attached to their entire family.  Kids who know their Mommy & Daddy will be there for them for the hard times and for the fun times.  

We are so grateful we had the opportunity to invest our time into our family in such a fun way, and as we start this chapter we are walking into the 'Year of Preparation'.  God gave me this word as we were heading into 2016.  This year our focus will be on preparing ourselves in all ways, for the future God has for us. We are SO excited for all that's going to happen in our year of preparation!  

New chapter- let's do this!! 

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