Friday, March 4, 2016

In 5 weeks...

I'll be packing my suitcase to head to CHINA!!!!!!

And I'm crazy excited!!!!

So many amazing children to meet in Shanghai & Changsha!!!  And you guys are going to be bombarded with pictures and videos of all the sweet children who wait!! ;)

It doesn't feel real quite yet, but I've sent my passport to NY for a Chinese visa, the flights are being booked today, and it's really, really happening even if it doesn't seem real yet!!

I've prayed for and dreamed of the opportunity to go meet these kids and help them find their families.  So thankful that God has provided me this opportunity to go love on these kids!!!

Oh, I'm SO excited!!!!!

In five weeks... China Baby!!!

Guess I should get out my camera & start sharpening my skills again. :)

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