Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Today we get to celebrate a miracle.

That's what her 5th Birthday is.  I remember reading through studies done on her province that followed children with her diagnosis.  The mortality rate by age 5 was astonishing- greater than 95%!!!  Other studies in southern China provinces have confirmed this.  For a child with beta thalassemia major, lack of treatment usually means death by age 5.

Thankfully God used us- an ordinary family in Alabama, who were willing to listen to his call, to change the course of her life.  He used those who he has adopted into his family to adopt a sick, fragile little girl into theirs.  And we are so unbelievably blessed to be her family forever.

And we are SO BLESSED to celebrate Laila's 5th Birthday today!!!  

And so many of you are responsible for this miracle birthday too!  So many of you prayed and gave and bought raffle tickets and t-shirts and gave all you could to help our sweet girl come home.  You guys gave her the chance to be happy and healthy as she celebrates her 5th Birthday today!!  God doesn't call us all to adopt, but he calls us all to stand in the gap for the outcast, the lonely, the poor, the widow, and the orphan.  We thank you all for your support that God used to bring this girl home and provide her a bright future!

Happy 5th Birthday Laila Jean!!!! We love you soooo much!! You are SO LOVED!! Happy Birthday miracle girl!!! 

Thank you Jesus for the gift of this girl!

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