Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Breaking News in the Wilks House! :)

We want to thank everyone who prayed and sent positive thoughts our way on Monday.  Now we can tell you what you were praying about.

On Monday our agency held a committee to review our request to adopt two children concurrently in this adoption.  This is something that our agency does not take lightly, and neither do we.  

We have been praying about this, researching the logistics of this, and much more for a couple months now... As our dossier neared completion we began to really, really seek God's perfect plan for our family.  Adoption is a blessing but it's also really hard ya'll.  And we know that bringing home two at once will most likely be more than twice as hard.  We also know that these two children are worth every bit of hard and stressful and beautiful and everything else that comes!

So we prayed on Monday, not that our desire would come to fruition that day, but that God's desire would.  After all, he loves these two children even more than we can imagine!

And Monday evening the news came- we are approved to move forward for this special second child!! 

We are blessed beyond measure to announce that we are bringing two sweet children home!! Our son AND our daughter!!!

As soon as we have approval for her in China's system we will share more.  Thank you all for your prayers and we ask for your continued prayers for God's perfect timing over this adoption, for their health (they both have very serious medical needs), and his financial provision.  We are hoping we will be headed to China sometime in November for our kids!!

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