Saturday, September 24, 2016

Our Progress & Our Girl

Our dossier has made it to China, been logged into the CCCWA's system and is in translation.  This means that, due to our request for expedite because of the kids' medical conditions, we could receive our LOA (approval letter from China) any day. Many families have received approval around 30 days after their dossier was logged in.  Ours was logged in on the 18th, so we are hoping to receive an approval in the next few weeks.  Once we receive LOA we will complete the final group of US approvals (USCIS, National Visa Center, & US Consulate in China) and wait for China to issue our Travel Approval!!  This portion will take between 2 and 6 weeks, but we are hoping and praying its on the shorter end of that.

The biggest reason for requesting an expedite is our new daughter... She was the first child I laid eyes on during our trip in April.  Little Miss is an incredibly special little girl, who is the same age as Laila and has thalassemia just like her brothers and sister.  What makes her situation even more serious is her heart.  Her heart has a couple of issues that come from a life of being undertransfused. While she waits for us in China, she continues to not receive the level of transfusions she needs which places more stress on her heart and her body from the lack of blood oxygen.  Please pray for her health, for her safety, and for God's continued provision in quick paperwork and funding.

We are not allowed to share pictures from her CCCWA file, but since I have met her I have some of my own!!! ;)

This is me and Little Miss in China. :)

I'll tell you all her full story very soon!!  How God turned our one into a two, but I didn't want to wait any longer to share our news and our prayer requests!

Thank you all for your awesome support!!! We are beyond blessed by each and every one of you.

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