Sunday, December 2, 2012

Progress, Family, & the Homestudy

The last week has been filled with paperwork & time with family.  My mother-in-law came in for a few days from Oklahoma and it was great to spend time with her!  Katelynn even got to show her around one of her favorite places in New York City, the American Girl store!

Kate & Nanny in the Café.

Ready to be Nanny's tour guide!

Helping Kanani with her water. :)

One last fall picture before the leaves are gone!!
I've made progress on all of our home study paperwork in a very big way!!  I have all of our paperwork complete and ready to send out with the exception of our medical paperwork which will go out on Tuesday!  Here's a picture of all the paperwork we've completed!  It is on it's way to the agency!!

Best of all, our first home study visit is scheduled for Saturday, Dec 15th!!  PROGRESS!!
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  1. Congratulations! I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!

    (I hope my extra exclamation points accurately convey my excitement! ^_^)

    1. Lol!!! Yes, especially when you point it out! ;)