Sunday, December 16, 2012

Adoption Update & A Visit to Santa- Sunday Snapshot

Well, we've done a lot this week!  First- the adoption news!!
We've mailed off multiple packages of paperwork... This package to the agency, that one to Oklahoma Secretary of State's office, this one to TX for a child abuse clearance... Oh so many packages have been sent off.  We're working on the home study paperwork and the dossier paperwork all at once in an effort to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Katelynn's been involved in it all, as usual!  Here's a pic of her happily waiting at the post office to mail off another package for the adoption.  So cute!

Yesterday we had our first home study visit.  After the events in CT the day before, we honestly didn't even clean up for it... We spent the night before snuggling our little girl, saddened by the knowledge that many moms and dads only a few hours away were not having that opportunity.  I had to pull myself out of the funk and focus on the positive of our life and what we were doing.  The visit went great and we were able to get our next visit scheduled for right after Christmas.  During that visit will review a draft of our home study, and we're hoping all the clearances will be back so that we have home study approval in early-mid January!

This week we also made our annual trip to visit Santa.  Here's a few pictures.

She's such an outgoing kid, but gets a little shy around "famous people" (as she explains it)!!

I find myself feeling incredibly grateful lately.  How could I not??? I am one lucky mommy!!!  I've got a great little girl and another one in China!  I can't wait to see the beautiful face of our second child!  Getting closer!!!

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  1. Yay for progress!!! Hoping the rest of your paperchase goes quickly and smoothly.

    And BTW, I love your name! I had a dear Great Aunt Fanny with the sweetest high pitched voice.

  2. Thanks Eva! I was named after my grandma. I never liked the name until I was all grown up! Haha!

  3. Hey Fannie!! Thanks for stopping by our adoption blog!! What a blessing it is to connect with other adoptive families!! We can be an encouragement to each other through this process!! Congrats to you guys too on finishing your home study!! that is no small feat!! ;) Our adoption of Shepard is our 2nd Chinese adoption. This time around is going much quicker than last time!! At least it seems like it is!! Praying for all your paper chasing and for everything to go smooth!! I'll add your blog to my follow list!!! Blessings on you and your precious family!!