Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Fun

What a great Christmas we have had here in NYC!  Crazy to think that this is our final one and we haven't even made it over to Manhattan to do all the traditional things.  I suspect that my night watches have caused us to break tradition!  Well, we still have a few more days to fit a little in. ;)
Here's a few glimpses into our Christmas Week...
Decorating Outside!!  We were the last on the block to get ours up, but we finally did!!

I let Matt & Katelynn upon the big present I surprised both of them with on Christmas Eve!!  It was a hit for sure!  The new WiiU is really fun, very innovative actually.  There's a whole new method of game play on the Nintendo World game alone...  Looking forward to the fun family time we will have playing it!!

Santa brought her the Sugar Rush girls that she loves!!

Daddy with the present Kate made him at school.

 After a Christmas Eve night of Nintendo World play on the WiiU, they opened another surprise from me on Christmas Day!
One of my favorite pictures, here is Katelynn and her new McKenna doll.  This was a special pic she took to show her Nanny!

The best part of this Christmas was knowing that this is the last Christmas our other little girl will spend as an orphan in China!!!  God willing, our sweet girl will be home before next Christmas!!  I thought of her all day and night.  I already find it hard to be without her, and I don't even know that I have seen her precious face yet...

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!!  I look forward to seeing all the pictures!!!

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  1. She looks so happy with her doll.
    Glad it was a good Xmas , can't wait to see what 2013 holds in store for you all and your China adoption!!