Saturday, August 23, 2014


A little over a year ago, he was an orphan.  Living in an orphanage.  Sick, alone, with so many people all around him yet no one he could call his own.  No one who could give him the one on one attention and the unfailing love that every child should have.

And a little over a year ago, she was an only child.  Our only child who desired a sibling more than anything else in the whole wide world.
A year ago, their two worlds collided.  She had always known love and has made every attempt to shower that little brother with love. 
With hugs.  With kisses.
And sometimes he thinks it's just too much love for him.  In fact, he rejects her outright sometimes, even a year later.  Because he was surrounded by kids that he called "sister" and "brother", but he wasn't allowed to hug or kiss any of them.  It seems odd to him, a little crazy even, that she would want to give him SO MANY hugs and kisses.
And time after time (but thankfully NOT always), he has rejected those hugs and kisses. 
Told her "no".  Pushed her away.  And she's been heartbroken...
But it NEVER stops her.  She loves BIG.  She forgives BIG. 
She understands and is patient, the best any 8 year old sister can be who waited all her life for a sibling.
I am beyond proud of the big sister she has become...
Their relationship is still a work in progress.  Sometimes I think maybe this is as good as it gets.
But then he grabs her hand in the car.  Or says "give me kiss here" and points at his cheek.
She LIGHTS up!!  It makes her day!!  And I think, maybe it is still a work in progress.
Either way, I am so grateful for the friendship these two have.  I pray that it grows and grows as they get older.  That they will always have each other to depend on.
And that little sister coming home soon?  She might just be a game changer for both of them.  I think they might all three draw closer to each other.
I can't wait to watch it all unfold...
We are SO blessed!
Thanks for stopping by,
Fannie, Matt, Kate, Chengbin, & (soon) Laila!!


  1. Gorgeous picture of your precious pair!!! Soon there will be 3!!


  2. SO cute! They are growing up so fast. Katies' heart is as BIG as ever - what a fantastic BIG sis!