Friday, September 5, 2014

Travel Approved!!

Photo: It's official!!! This little peanut will be in her mommy & daddy's arms on 9/22!!!!!  And we might need to do another couple raffles to cover an extra week worth of 'in China' expenses!!! Aaaaggghhhh

Yesterday China approved our travel and our agency was able to book our appointment at the US Consulate.  That means- We're going to China!!! :)

That's right!  Everything is approved and we leave on Sept 18th to go get our sweet girl!!

Due to the Chinese National Holiday we will have to stay in country three weeks instead of two.  Not sure who this will be harder on... Our kids back home, us, Laila, or poor, brave Grandpa who volunteered to take care of them for three whole weeks on his own! Haha!!

More details to follow!

Please pray for Laila.  She will be going much longer than recommended between transfusions, so pray for her health as we prepare to go get her. 

Please pray for God to provide the remaining money needed to get her home.  After over 5 months, our tax return has still not been processed and we had expected to have this money for final travel expenses.  We know our God is able and he will see us through to the end!

Please pray for our kids.  They won't be traveling with us and this will undoubtedly be very hard for them.  Pray for them to have so much fun with Grandpa that they don't even miss us!! ;)

Wahoo!!! I think Kailan said it best, "We're going to China, we're going to China, I feel so happy I just wanna sing..."

Thanks for your support and prayers!
Fannie, Matt, & the crazy Wilks kiddos

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  1. So exciting!!!! Best wishes and blessings to you all - including Grandpa!
    Can't wait to follow your exciting journey.