Saturday, November 26, 2016

1 Week til China: Tag their bags!!!

Today, we received a grant denial from the last agency we were hoping to receive a decision from before we leave for China.  This was really tough news to receive, but we know that God will provide.  So, I shared our tough news with some adoptive mamas and they had a few suggestions...

A few days ago we shared that we will be paying out $24,000 by Friday.  We had $14,000 and needed $10,000 more to travel on time.  Thanks to so many generous friends and family, our matching grant with Lifesong is only $400 away from being fully matched.  So that means we are almost halfway to the $10,000 goal.

We have $5,000 left that must be provided by Friday in order to wire transfer everything due to the appropriate organizations and get to China on time.  A friend pointed out that we have over 1,000 facebook friends and family.  If each person donated only $5.00 it would give us $5,000.  If 500 friends and family donated $10 it would give us $5,000.  If 200 friends and family gave $25 it would equal $5,000.  So here's our humble request... Would you please consider giving a small donation to help get these sweeties home?

If you need it to make a tax deductible then our Lifesong account is the place to go!

If you don't care about tax deductions and just want to get a donation to us in the quickest, easiest manner possible, then our Paypal account is the place to go!

$5,000 seems like a monumental amount to raise in 5 days, but we know that we serve a big God who can use donations large and small to help meet this need and help get our babies into our arms.

And when you donate, we will "tag their bags" with your name as a visible reminder of how many people already love our kids and are praying & supporting them even before they ever make it home.

Please pray and consider donating.  We are truly grateful for all who have donated and will donate.  We truly cannot make it to China to get these babies without you and we are soooo grateful!!

Matt & Fannie

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