Monday, November 21, 2016

Her Glorious Unfolding

During Laila's adoption I had Steven Curtis Chapman's album "Glorious Unfolding" on repeat.  So many songs on it spoke directly to my heart as I walked in faith during that time.  Perhaps no song held more promise to me than the title song. 

During the hard times as I worried about funding the words of encouragement in that song soothed my worried heart.  As I worried about my little daughter and her state of health in the orphanage, the words were like a promise.

And right as things were getting really close to travel, his organization, Show Hope came through with a $4000 grant for our adoption!

And a couple weeks ago, we got to pay it forward and say "Thank You".  We volunteered to help with Show Hope's booth at the Steven Curtis Chapman concert in Pensacola.  It was so fun to be able to share our story!! It was so awesome to see my little Laila, taking sponsorship packets for kids in Show Hope's healing homes in China to people who raised their hand.  My own little miracle right there, showing people what can happen when we step out in faith... When we take another step...

And after the concert, this happened...

My sweet little miracle girl, who was dying.  Who was without hope.  Who was misdiagnosed.  Who wasn't walking, wasn't growing, wasn't talking only 2 years ago... She walked right up to Steven Curtis Chapman and told him "Thank you for helping me come home from China."  We shared that we'd received a grant through Show Hope and how grateful we were for the support.  In the craziness of that moment, I never even got a chance to tell him how much that album had ministered to me during her adoption too. But that's okay!  Because our whole family, who had been walked to the front of the long VIP ticket line (even though we didn't purchase a ticket- adoption budget and all) didn't want to take up too much of his time with so many people waiting!!  It was also awesome to meet Mac Powell of Third Day who has also adopted from China and Brandon Heath who is bound to start considering it with all of these crazy adoptive family stories around him. :)

And her story has only begun...  What a blessing!!!  And Chengbin has been singing "Soul on Fire" for weeks now!!! Haha!!

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  1. Wonderful story and a great memory to treasure. I love Stephen Curtis Chapman's music, especially "When Love Takes You In". It literally makes me shiver and brings tears to my eyes when I see pictures of newly adopted children in Gotcha videos with this song used. Congratulations to your family -- prayers for a safe journey to China and back with your new son and daughter!