Sunday, November 20, 2016

2 weeks til takeoff!!!

Okay, we plan to leave in less than two weeks...

We've saved and scrimped and had some amazing fundraising done by some wonderful adoptive mamas on our behalf!!  We've also done a few fundraisers on our own to raise funds.  And we applied for a LOT of grants!!  We've gotten one "no".  We've gotten three that said "yes" but when of them is a special kind of yes...

It's a matching grant from Lifesong.  The granting organization will match the donations in our Lifesong account up to $2,500!!!  BUT if there isn't that much in there, we can't get the full grant.  That means we need one last push... one last fundraiser... and we hope and pray that between the donations received and a few more grant responses, we will have everything we need to leave for China the weekend of Dec 3rd.

This is VERY real guys!!  In the coming week or so we will need to pay out over $23,000!!!  From our own money, prior fundraising, & grants given, we have $13,000.  That leaves $10,000 more to go.  This matching grant could get us to the point where we are only $5,000 away from all we need.  There's a little fun news in this video- so be sure to take a look!!! ;)

And if you feel led to make a donation, please donate to our tax deductible Lifesong account and share with your friends & family!!  You never know who might be looking for that end of the year tax deductible opportunity!! :)  We love you all!!

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