Saturday, January 12, 2013

Few Pics from Snowboarding School

Now that Katelynn is seven she has officially aged out of all the kiddie play classes, so this year she has to learn how to ski or snowboard!  She's taken lessons before, but she was always more concerned with playing in the snow during lessons than riding on top of it! 

We gave her the choice, learn how to do this by paying attention in your classes OR stay home with a babysitter!  Well, I am proud to say that not only did she agree to learn, she clearly WANTS to learn this year!!  Oh what a proud Mommy I am!  Can't wait til she is out on the slopes with me & her daddy!!

 Lesson One:  Started out slow!!!  She even preferred to let her teacher drag her back up then ride the magic carpet back up...

 She started standing up on it at the top of the hill, while her instructor was with other kids.  Getting braver!!
 Finally she started fearlessly sliding down the hill, over and over again, all on her own.  Sometimes she didn't even wait to be told to go, she just WENT!!
 Lesson Two:  Okay, I admit it.  I went out on my snowboard and when I got back to watch the last 10 minutes of class they were sliding down on their boards like a sled instead of snowboarding.  Not sure how the rest of the class was!! Haha
 She still looks like she's having fun to me!!  No tears, no sitting on the ground playing in the snow... I'm counting it as a win!  Hope she learns it soon enough to snowboard with me this year!  I'm not very good, so it shouldn't be too hard to get to mommy's level. ;)

As we go through our winter family activities, I keep realizing that this could be the last winter I have one easy 7 year old.  Next year will be different.  Next year will be much more challenging.  I will have an 8 year old who wants to be on the mountain and a new kiddo somewhere between the age of 2 and 5 who needs her time with Mommy.  I will probably be in for a few years of snowtubing or hanging out in the nice warm lodge with my new girlie!  I'm trying to just soak it all in.  Enjoy our times as a family of 3 and pray that our little girl fits right in with this crazy family!  We have fun together!  Can't wait for her to get here and join in the fun!

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