Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My daughter

My daughter is in China... Somewhere. I don't know for sure how old she is, what her little face looks like, or the sound of her voice. I don't know what circumstance caused her to have to grow up an orphan. I don't know anything about her really. Not yet...

What I do know is that she is loved. She is dreamed of. She is my first thought in the morning and my last thought as I fall asleep at night. I think about her throughout the day, just as I do my Katelynn. I wonder what she is doing each day. Does she get to play outside? Does she have a favorite toy? Does she have enough food & warmth? Do her caregivers love her? Does she love them? Will she love dancing around the house in the tutu and ballet slippers her big sister has saved just for her? What will her smile look like? How does she sound when she giggles? So many thoughts and questions fill my mind about this little girl on the other side of the world that will soon become my daughter.

The waiting is hard. It is incredibly difficult to work so hard on all this paperwork knowing that each day that goes by she gets a day older. No matter how fast we get it done, it just never feels fast enough! After all, with each passing day, my girl gets another day older and spends another day without a forever family. With each day, though, we are also closer to coming to get her. Today I got a copy of our homestudy for review. I got more paperwork completed and really think I'll have all our dossier docs ready within the next month! I can't wait to be DTC and then LID and even better LOA!!

Praying this process moves right on along exactly as it should!! My daughter waits! ;) I even did some shopping for both of my daughters today...

Thanks for keeping me company as the wait continues!

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  1. Oh Fannie, I remember those days. The wait seems so long! We started our journey in 2007, LID 2008. And didn't hold our little one until 2010. ( after we changed to SN )
    In those years that passed we got her room ready , bought little things for her and started a library for her. Just find little things to keep you busy and buy a little something for her every once in a while. Shopping and reading kept me sane! Best wishes for a short wait !!!