Friday, January 18, 2013

Please- No Delays!

I've been dealing with dossier paperwork all day.  I thought we had everything in for the homestudy.  I thought we were only days away from seeing an approved, signed copy of our homestudy!  I was figuring out the number of weeks it will be before USCIS approves our homestudy and we can be DTC!

But then, the emails began...  Through a clerical error, we are actually missing a reference letter.  Oh yeah, and we were supposed to be fingerprinted and didn't know that...

I know that its probably only a few weeks, but when you have a move planned this summer and you are racing against the clock to get everything done hoping that you'll be on the faster end of the adoption timeline...  Well, I'm frustrated!  I just keep thinking about the little one waiting on Mama & Baba to come...

Praying I'm wrong and somehow we are still only days away from approval!  My kiddo is on the other side of the world waiting for us!!  This mama does not take that lightly!!

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