Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Playing in Chinatown

Sunday was a beautiful day with a high of 56 degrees here in NYC.  We don't get many days that warm in January, so Kate & I decided to hit Chinatown with another Coast Guard family.  She's been watching a lot of Ni Hao Kai-lan lately, taking in all the Chinese words Kai-lan can teach her!! :)

We started off in Battery City and took the subway toward Chinatown...
After going a stop too far we wondered into Union Square for a photo op before back-tracking to Chinatown!  This is a statue of George Washington.
NYC has so many amazing buildings.  I noticed a clock hiding behind a set of towers that was just beautiful!  I have honestly spent days just walking around Manhattan admiring architecture...
This is the only truly Chinese building left in Chinatown, and yes, there is a Starbucks on the street level of it.
The kids thought the paper animals this man was making were very cool.  They all ended up with one!  I love how the man is busy telling our friend's son "don't touch"!! Haha
My baby girl was SO excited to use her saved up allowance money to buy a jade bracelet.  She says it reminds her of her sister.  The lady told her the red is for "good luck". She answered "Yes, its good luck for getting my sister."
We had lunch in Chinatown.  She went with dumpling noodle soup, while I decided to bravely try roast duck for the first time... in noodle soup form.  Jury's still out on that one... ;)

Kate and I really enjoyed listening to these two men play.  It was beautiful!  However, there were two far less interested children begging to move along toward the bakery...

With the bakery photos comes the best story of the day that I SOOOO wish I had captured on my camera...
As we were leaving the bakery Katelynn was the first to walk out and an older Chinese lady held the door open for her.  She told the woman thank you in Chinese and the woman's face just lit up!  (I'll be honest, the people in Chinatown barely grin.  They TOLERATE us.  So to see a woman have a broad smile like that was amazing to me!)  She was so proud that this little girl had spoken Chinese to her!  Instead of going into the bakery, she walked over to Katelynn outside to hug her and tell her what a good job she's doing.  It was such a special moment for Kate, who'd been practicing her Chinese throughout Chinatown all day.  When the lady got ready to go in the bakery, she told Katelynn "goodbye" in English and Katie told her "Zi Chan!"
Of course after the fuss was over, Katelynn tried her first mooncake.  A small pineapple one and she was NOT a fan!!  Hopefully the larger mooncake you find during the autumn moon festival tastes better!
Well, that sums up our trip to Chinatown.  We know that it is nothing like China, but somehow it made Kate & I both feel a little bit closer to her sister by spending the day there.  With Chinese New Year coming up, there will be more Chinatown fun in the near future!
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P.S.  I just got my first photoshop editing software!! That's why you see so many different edits in these pics!  I'm excited to learn what all I can do with it. :)

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  1. Love the pix !!! Chinatown sounds fun. And the food looked great !
    Kai lan is a fav in our house too !!! Oh and wait till your trip to China , you'll have so much fun !!!!!