Saturday, May 21, 2016

Waiting on a Wingman

Every superhero needs a wingman and if you know Chengbin at all, you know that he is happiest when he is playing with the boys...
For a few years now we've watched him and the pure joy he has when our nephew is here for a visit or he has friends over.  Chengbin is all boy and he is a boy seriously in need of a wingman in this house full of girls.  Dad is cool, but nothing beats another boy to play sword fights and basketball and to scooter around with...
So for two years now he has been praying almost every night for God to send him a brother.  It usually goes something along these lines,
"Jesus Lord, help us find my brother in China.  Let him be good and be nice and not mess up my legos.  And show us my brother and we take him home. Amen"
Long story short, (and it is a long but awesome story I'll share later) God has answered Chengbin's prayers and we are now...
Waiting on a Wingman!!!

Introducing the newest Wilks!!! His name is Hongjie (pronounced HOng-je-uh) and he is approximately 6 years old.  Chengbin is helping us to figure out what his little brother's American name will be, but as with Chengbin we will follow his lead.  If he wants to be called Hongjie, then you're all gonna have to learn how to say his name right! ;)
Some of you might think you recognize him right?? Yes, we've been advocating for this sweet boy for nearly 3 months.  He was Joel with WACAP.
We are so excited to bring home this special little boy.  We are so thankful for all God has done to help bring this little boy into our lives.  We are SO blessed!! 
Hongjie you are already SO LOVED!!! We can't wait to get you home!!!!

Hope you'll join us in our newest family adventure,
Fannie, Matt, & the crazy Wilks kiddos


  1. So very happy and excited for you all!!!

    1. Thanks Paige!!! We are so excited! We'll be blogging through the whole process. :)

  2. YAY!!! That is SO exciting! Congratulations :) - Ally