Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dossier ALMOST complete!!

You know what this means!!!  Our dossier docs are ready to head to the agency!

For those of you who don't yet know the process of submitting a dossier to China, I am happy to explain.  First of all, there's a list of documents that have to be completed and submitted to China.  These documents make up your "dossier".  The list is long!  Most documents have to go through a full authentication process where the state verifies the authenticity of a document followed by the Chinese Consulate.  It's a LOT of work, but when you are done you get these fancy little attachments to your original documents!

Our birth certificates and marriage certificate required state seals...

All of our notarized documents must make a trip to the US Secretary of State's office in DC for authentication...  These documents include:
Employment letter (one for each of us)
Medical physical (one for each of us)
Financial Statement
Adoptive Parent Letter
Police Records Check (one for each of us)

Finally all the documents receive final authentication from the Chinese Embassy.  This certifies to China that all documents are official ...

So, that's it!  Months of work to get these eleven documents completed, authenticated, and headed for my agency!!

And we are STILL missing two things!  Our agency just submitted our home study to the Chinese Consulate for authentication and we haven't received our I-800 approval which I'm pretty sure also has to go through an authentication process after it is received.  We are almost dossier ready though!  For now, we will just focus on that!

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