Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday Snapshot: Our Last Snow

On Friday I was lucky enough to be off work and enjoy what was probably the last snow I will see for quite some time.  Something tells me Mobile will not see snow. ;)

It was supposed to snow overnight but change to rain...  but the rain never came. :) 

We had a full day of snow and when Kate got home from school we were ready to go out and play!

Many attempts at building a snowman were made and failed.

We played into the darkness and Kate decided to make a little snowman before coming in...  It was cute!!

We often do things where I think about our other kid and the fact that they are still in China and not home with us to do these things. 

Now that we have a certain little boy in mind, I am even more aware of the fact that we are missing a family member.  I'm a little sad that he won't get to play in the snow throughout the winter.  We will have to plan a trip to the mountains next year so he can experience his first snow.

Can't wait to see all our paperwork head to China in a week or two!!

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  1. Can not wait to hear more about this little guy. I read your comment on our blog and would love to talk if you ever need to! I do not know how to respond to people who have commented on my blog - still figuring the blog world out :)

    Congrats on getting your paperwork (almost) to China - such a BIG step!!!

    Dawn R.