Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Is it spring YET??

I find myself incredibly ready for spring!

Maybe it's the cold weather that seems almost never-ending...

Or the beautiful spring flowers being sold on every street corner... Either way, I am ready for it!!

Spring always feels like a fresh start, filled with endless possibilities!

We have our LOI ready to go and expect to have ALL of our dossier docs to the agency by Monday!!
Still waiting on I-800 approval and for authentication of our homestudy through the SF consulate...
DTC is rapidly approaching!!

See?  Spring is the start of a new phase in life AND in the adoption.  Endless possibilities!!

And we are looking forward to it!!  Is it spring YET???


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  1. Look at all those gorgeous flowers! I have been remiss in my blog reading, but am super excited for you and your family and how your adoption has progressed! Yay!!