Friday, July 19, 2013

China Timeline

Well, the airline and hotel reservations are made!  Waiting for a few details from our agency, but here's our timeline as it stands right now

Thurs July 25th- Fly OKC to SFO to Hong Kong
Fri July 26th- Arrive in HK in evening & rest
Sat July 27th- Disneyland Hong Kong
Sun July 28th- Train to Guangzhou
Mon July 29th- Gotcha Day
Tues July 30th- Adoption Day
Wed July 31st- Matt's Birthday!!  (and apply for Ben's passport)
Thur Aug 1st- Medical exam & TB test
Fri Aug 2nd- Orphanage Visit
Sat Aug 3rd- TB test read & free day
Sun Aug 4th- Touring Day
Mon Aug 5th- Consulate Appt
Tues Aug 6th- Pick up visa & train to HK
Wed Aug 7th- Kate's 36 hr Birthday!!  (thanks to 11am trip back to US)  Ben becomes a US Citizen!!

I have a "to do" list a mile long to get ready!!  Oh baby boy, we are coming!!!!!!  Wahoo!!!

We have a NINE HOUR LAYOVER in San Francisco on Kate's birthday!!!  I am working on special plans for that!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!
Fannie, Matt, & Katie

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  1. I am so excited!!!!! Wooooo!!! FINALLY!!!!