Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day Two: Hong Kong Disneyland

Well, our day began at 2:30 in the morning when Kate woke up and decided there was no way she could sleep anymore.  I told her to be quiet and find her DS to play because Daddy and I were going to keep sleeping.  Approximately 12 interruptions to my sleep later, I gave up and got up at around 4:45.  So we decided to order room service breakfast and head over to HK Disneyland at opening time.  In all of our time at Disney parks we have NEVER been there at opening time! LOL

We took a taxi from our hotel near the airport over to Disney.  Both are on Lantau Island, so it was a gorgeous 20 minute ride.  This island is very lush and tropical.  It isn't as developed as I thought it would be either.  It is beautiful!  Disneyland was very nice!  We liked it much better than Disneyland Paris.  It was just beautiful and well kept.  We found out very quickly that even in Hong Kong, our little blond haired, blue eyed daughter is quite the novelty!  She, of course, didn't mind the attention at all.  She happily smiled for pictures and allowed people to pose with her.  It was very funny!!

The second we stepped into the shops on Main St we knew Kate was gonna have a great day!  She found that the Asian people share in her love of Stitch, Angel, & Scrump!  We grabbed a water bottle, knowing she would need it to combat the stifling humidity and head out into the park. 

The rides were all a little different!  Space Mountain was my favorite!  Matt's favorite was Mystic Manor.  Kate's favorite was Grizzly Gulch. :)
The standout moment of the day was courtesy of this hilarious English speaking tour guide on the Jungle Cruise!  She was hilarious without trying to be.  She was speaking into the microphone way too loud so that everything was distorted and difficult to understand until she said the name of the animal. It would be mumble, mumble, something else indistinct CROCODILE!!! mumble, mumble, something else indistinct ELEPHANTS!!!  So funny!  Pretty sure we were the only ones on the boat that actually did speak English as she asked if we had a good time and we were yelling YEAH while everyone else turned to look at why these crazy Americans were yellling!  Such a great jungle cruise! :)
We ended our day at the park with the VERY fun water parade.  Disney should do this one in Florida, every character came through trying to soak us as much as possible.  In this heat & humidity it was welcomed.  Everyone had umbrellas out for it, so almost every shot has a bit of umbrella, but you get the basic idea!

After we did our final shopping, we headed to the Disneyland Hotel for dinner.  I was sad that they did not have character styled dim sum, but it was still delicious and the view was outstanding.  It sits right on the banks of the China Sea with views of Hong Kong.  Absolutely beautiful!  Kate's 2:30 am wakeup finally caught up with her and she was a total brat during dinner.  She broke into tears 3 times as we kept scolding her for having terrible manners!  NOT FUN!!  Hopefully as her little sleep cycle gets better we won't have another meal like that one.  It was truly embarrassing.  After dinner we went for a quick walk through the maze and along the waterfront before heading back to the hotel for an 8:30 bedtime.

How I wish I had brought my zoom lens to get a better shot of Hong Kong in the distance!!!
Well, we had a great day!  We were sad that Ben missed out on this experience, and thought about him all day.  Can't wait to make him a part of our family so that he never misses out on another day of family fun again!!
Next stop: Guangzhou China!!
Thanks for stopping by,
Fannie, Matt, & Katie 


  1. What a fun day!!! Jet Log and all! You are SOOOOOO close to Ben!!!! Whoop!!!!

  2. Lantau Island IS lovely, isn't it? I knew you would be hitting up Disneyland on your trip. You're too funny! Being so close to Disney World pretty much my whole life, the novelty wore off a long time ago. Still, it's fun to re-live the experiences again with kids in tow. Kate's dinner experience cracks me up because it sounds SO familiar! lol Madeline and Kate could pass as twins with their jet lag dining adventures.