Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Photo Friday: Oooooooooklahoma!

I found myself singing this song as we made our way from NYC to Oklahoma City last weekend!  We arrived on Monday and its been a kind of crazy week trying to get ready for China and spend time with our family here!  We haven't been "home" in two years, so we're just trying to get some family time in before we head to China next Thursday!  Here's some snapshots from the last week..

 Goodbye Brooklyn- Hello Roadtrip to Oklahoma!!!

 The beautiful Oklahoma sky decided to show off as we drove through our home state!

 After 2 1/2 days in the car- this kiddo was psyched to finally do some swimming!!!

My nephew came over to visit and got in on the swimming action!!  SO excited that once we get Ben and move to our new house, we will be 11 hours from family!!

And of course- my favorite photo of the week!!
His little expression looks just like "The People's Champ"!!!  I love his Rock face!!

I am SO amazingly behind on Lisa's photography class, so I'll be working hard to catch up this week.  The biggest news is China!!  Oh I can't wait for my sweet Chengbin to become a part of our family!  I'll post our timeline soon!! :)

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